• Transportation
    As a member of the State Senate I have worked to dramatically increase road funding – as a result more than 500 dilapidated bridges have been replaced or repaired. I support passenger rail service between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. For more information about this please read visit this page: 
  • 100% Pro-Life
     I am 100% pro-life and I believe that life begins at conception. I am author of the Oklahoma Personhood Act which would define in statute that the State of Oklahoma believes that life begins at conception. For more information about this legislation please visit: 
  • Illegal Immigration
    The United States is a nation of immigrants, and as such, we should encourage people to come to our country legally and share in our rich heritage. I am a supporter of HB 1804 and oppose any efforts to repeal or modify it.
  • ObamaCare – Federal Healthcare Law
    I am strongly opposed to President Barack Obama’s healthcare measure and support congressional efforts to repeal it. I stand in support of State Question 756 which was approved by the people in 2010 in an effort to opt out of the mandate.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
    In my role as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Sub-Committee on Health and Human Services, and now as Chairman of the full Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, I have paid particular attention to our Mental Health and Substance abuse services agencies and in 2009 I was pleased to find that Oklahoma was the only state in the nation which improved it’s national ranking by two grade (from ‘D’ grade to a ‘B’ grade). To read more about this please visit this link.