Letter to the editor: Domestic violence law will save lives

Senator Crain presides of the Senate

Senator Crain presides over the State Senate

By Walter J. Evans, Tulsa

Thanks to Sen. Brian Crain, R-Tulsa, new legislation has been passed that will help save lives affected by domestic and family violence. Senate Bill 726 was approved by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Mary Fallin.

Crain is a tribute to statesmanship and a master at guiding legislative initiative. Our citizens were smart to elect him, and it will be a significant loss when he reaches his term limit. The legislative process is risky, messy, frustrating, but also invigorating and empowering when a win-win prevails at the end of the route.

SB 726 provides for pilot programs to help victims of family violence and their children and holds offenders accountable for their actions. The Integrated Domestic Violence Court and Family Justice Center models are national best practices that produce better outcomes in immediate safety, links to critical services in one location, offender accountability and intervention into intergenerational violence.

By establishing pilot programs in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, the Legislature and governor assure measurable results that provide knowledge and learning that might be replicated in all areas of the state.

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